Welcome to Balalaika Hostel!

Balalaika Hostel is a part of Baikaler® The Balalaika is located in Irkutsk within 10 min walk from the main Railway Station and close to the city centre.

We have 24hr reception and a special deal: rest half before or after the train without staying for 300R per person. You’ll get a hot shower, kitchen and free internet + WiFi.

Our hostel has 1 dorm room for 8 people 400 Rub (500  Rub in Feb and March) in dorm room / for a DORM bed , common room, shower, toilet and sinks. Read MORE


Please note that this booking does not qualify for the Russian Visa application process. Think about your itinerary. If your plans are not clear, book a couple of night in Irkutsk for a start. You can always change your plans. Please also remember the “BIG RUSSIAN SECRET” – all train in Russia run on Moscow Time!  So, you will actually arrive in Irkutsk five hours later than is printed on your ticket.


Most tourists make Irkutsk a stopover on their way to Lake Baikal. This is fine – nothing wrong with it – but they are missing a great city. Irkutsk is a beautiful historic city and deserves a minimum of one full day, or better yet, two full days. It is not too large and can be best explored on foot. Please use the GREEN LINE city walking route. Besides that, you can use a second day to see other sites along the RED LINE walking route.  Both are great!


Belka Hostel is located in Listvyanka, 1300 meters from lake Baikal. Belka (meaning Squirrel) Hostel formerly Eco-Hostel is a complex of 2 wooden cottages and a sauna.  The property was especially built for travelers in 2010.

It is located in a pristine part of the village, near the forest and sheltered from the severe Baikal winds. It’s quiet and peaceful and most everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep. This is where people recharge their batteries and get ready for the next part of their journey across Russia. Welcome to a great place!

Balalaika Hostel is a partner of the Russia’s most reliable company “Visa House”. Visa House is an independent agency specializing in Russian visas for businesspeople and tourists. We provide consultation and assistance in obtaining necessary documents from the Russian government. Our service is structured for people who expect high quality service and personal attention.

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